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100 hr Teacher Training Plus Testimonial

After completing my 200 hour YTTC at Kranti Yoga in November 2014, I decided to continue with the 100 hour Teacher Training Plus for one month – it was the best decision ever!

The greatest thing about this course is that it is put together based on your abilities and interests. I was teaching Drop In Classes, Yoga Holidays and Intensive Yoga Courses almost every day for one month. This gave me not only an amazing teaching confidence, but also a great experience with teaching classes with a range of abilities from first timers to very experienced. I got feedback on my classes from the teachers and inspiration to develop my classes and teaching further.

I have a great passion for meditation, pranayama and kriyas and I chose to spend a lot of time with Kranti’s amazing yoga philosophy teacher Upendra. This moved my meditation practice to a much deeper level and provided me with experience in teaching in those areas as well. I am now teaching twice a week in Denmark with great joy and confidence.

This course gets my highest recommendations!
Date of Posting: 16 March 2015
Posted By: Cathe
100 Hrs Teacher Training Plus

After completing my 200hr YTTC at Kranti Yoga, I knew I wanted to further my teaching experience. I decided to come back to Patnem beach to do my 100hrs Teacher Training Plus. I very much wanted to focus my attention on adjustments and alignments to further deepen my knowledge of anatomy in relation to yoga. Already coming from a slightly anatomical background, I wanted to delve deeper into asanas and how they can benefit the student. I felt very confident in the knowledge of the senior teachers at Kranti Yoga.

During the month I received a lot of support when adjusting and aligning students on the 200hr YTTC. I had arranged sessions with Julia where we discussed how to approach different students depending on Ayurvedic doshas/body types, looking at when it is appropriate to adjust and the benefits of certain adjustments.

During my course, I also established a greater ability to teach Ashtanga Yoga Led Classes. Where I had initially focused on Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, I took the time to concentrate on the demands that come with teaching a good paced Ashtanga Yoga Led Class. I received feedback from senior teachers who regularly observed my progress.

The month was also a great time to improve my own practice. I very much decided to focus on the physical side of yoga during my extra training. With the help of the teachers and their adjustments, I found myself able to go deeper into many postures, which was in itself a rewarding part of the journey. I felt as though my program was very much perosnalised to my needs and I was able to manage my time according to the areas I wanted to develop.

Due to my love the shala, Patnem beach and the Kranti Yoga Team, I am blessed to have been here two months after completing my second course. I am much more confident with my own practice, my knowledge of the series and alignments of individual postures. Thanks to the unbelievable support and time put in from the Kranti Yoga Team, I have a greater understanding of my mind and body. I cannot express the gratitude I have for having the opportunities I have had since arriving at Kranti Yoga. This would have been possible without the enthusiasm, authenticity and sincerity of the wonderful individuals who have shown me nothing but support.
Date of Posting: 16 March 2015
Posted By: Jess
Having completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training course at Kranti Yoga, I signed up to do the new course which the school had just started to offer, called the 100hr YTTC plus. The idea of the course is that it allows the student to decide exactly which bit of their practice and development they wish to further. This could be further experience in teaching classes, supporting the Anatomy and Alignment Classes for the 200hr students, one to one sessions to work on the physical side of practice or spending more time studying the philosophical side of yoga.

I had the intention of working on my teaching and physical practice when I first came to The Yoga Village but I soon changed my mind to work more on my philosophical understanding of yoga. I spent hours everyday studying with Upendra, our philosophy teacher. This involved sunrise Om Chanting and Meditation, studying the Mandukya Upnishads to further my understanding in meditation, studying and learning multiple mantras and learning the process of teaching Yoga Nidra, teaching pranayama and kriyas and the benefits of all the above.

In the extra month spent at The Yoga Village, I also taught drop in classes everyday to continue to develop the skills I had learnt during my YTTC. These classes involved teaching the Ashtanga Primary Series up to Navasana, teaching some Ashtanga Flow classes that I wrote and teaching some Slow Flow and Yin Yoga classes. Julia (the course coordinator) would regularly come and join in the classes and then sit down with me afterwards to give me feedback and incredibly constructive feedback on how to further develop my own teaching style.

I cannot put into words just how much this extra month of teaching and development has totally changed my practice of yoga. Both physically and philosophically I have grown hugely. I had no idea I would find such a spiritual understanding of yoga and the calming, quieting effect it can have on my daily life. I travelled India after leaving in January and found that I was able to keep up a regular practice of both asana and meditation. I could really never recommend this course highly enough, it is the perfect way for a newly qualified teacher to find their feet and confidence in the world of teaching yoga and you also become a massive part of the amazing family here at Kranti Yoga (which really is part of what makes this whole experience so special.)

Date of Posting: 16 March 2015
Posted By: Wibbs
“Authentic school with well structured program and knowledgable teachers”
I completed 200 hours YTTC in Dec 2014 at Kranti Yoga School. My experience was great (and exactly in line with all information stated on the website). I was not new to yoga but fairly new to Ashtanga, and managed to become a certified teacher - thanks to the well organized and well structured course. My original criteria was finding a school in a warm place in India, which is yoga alliance recognized, has reasonable reviews, has multiple teachers, decent batch size and works out logistically with my family (I took my 3.5 yr old boy with me to Goa, and also my parents in law who looked after him while I was doing yoga). This place more than met my criteria - and I had a memorable month.
The high level aspects of the course: high emphasis on anatomy/ alignment, helping students grow their own personal practice, lots of pranayam, yoga nidra; learning cleansing kriyas in a really proper way; adjustments, learning to lead an entire class step by step. Before I joined the course, I was a bit scared of the physical instensity (I was used to doing just one hour yoga on most days) - but I was able to ease into the course, easily being able to do the whole day and by the end of the course I feel really really strong! The teachers were very knowledgable and very approachable. There was a lot of emphasis on learning the sanskrit names of the poses -- very glad to have learnt it - especially since it was beautifully broken down and simplified. The pace of the theory courses was good - and there were revisions and quizzes from the previous day that turned out to be very helpful in solidifying what we learnt. There was a lot of emphasis on some of the more Eastern practices (like pranayam, kriyas, yoga nidra, also one off things like fire ceremony, a class on ayurveda, a lecture on Bhagvad Gita, on mantras etc) - which made perfect sense for me and partly why I wanted to do the course in India. Having a lot of teachers (with each one with different strengths) and assistant teachers really helped in growing us in many different ways!
About logistics - Kranti helped me find a good place close the yoga school - which worked well for me and my family. My family also ate at the shala - and the food was really healthy and tasty (all cooked in ghee). I actually do a gluten free and almost vegan diet - and did well here. The kitchen staff was really sweet and treated us like family members always welcoming us. I would not have wanted my family to eat restaraunt food for a month. There is a general atmosphere of being chilled and relaxed - very true to the Goa spirit - that reflects in everything around the yoga shala. Coming from other parts of the world, it takes a while to actually unwind and be part of that chilled atmosphere. Like the philosophy teacher helped us learn - "everything is om" :)
Date of Posting: 16 January 2015
Posted By: Stuti Jain
I worked as a software engineer for 11 years;was always interested and practiced yoga in the studios; decided to take it deeper than that recently!, Seattle, WA, USA
I attended the YTTC 200 this January and stayed at the Moksha beach shala in Kranti's yoga village. It was an absolutely incredible experience and I loved every moment of it! In fact, I loved it so much I ended up extending my ticket...and then extending it again!

I shall focus on accommodation and amenities of Kranti's yoga village. If you have been directed here to learn more about the yoga course, there are some excellent blogs online that will give you a detailed insight into the day to day activities. But briefly: the course was brilliant, the teachers fantastic and you will leave a changed person! Having met other yogis/yoginis in and around South Goa, it would seem Kranti's YTTC offers the most balanced and enjoyable course.

Onto the yoga village. Without a doubt, it is the most beautiful and visually stunning accommodation on Patnem beach. Each hut is uniquely coloured, named after a yoga pose and surrounds the yoga shala (practice space), giving a really intimate, yet vibrant and bright feel to the whole village. I stayed in #20, Adho Mukha Svanasana. The huts are immaculate and very well decorated. The bed was extremely comfy and comparable to that in a five star hotel...I was astounded! A good mosquito net was provided and clean sheets were always available, which you could change yourself or ask one of the boys to help you with. The bathroom was really nicely tiled, had a plastic holder for your ablution products, with a great sink and mirror. There was always hot water available and the shower was powerful considering you are on a beach in India! There were wardrobes, a hanging rail and a bedside table. You really don't need much else.

My porch was charming. It had a little chair and table (which was used for studying yoga poses!), a hanging chair and hammock. You could easily spend all day their listening to the wind blowing through the trees and watching the drop in yoga classes. Walking from the hut, there are a number of communal hanging double beds and a little bench to sit and watch the sunset. There is also a tea/coffee/fresh water area too. Heading out of the village, you are right onto the beach. This is definitely on the quieter end of Patnem.

The food was unbelievable. Kranti is very well read on Ayurveda and the menu reflects this. It is, obviously, vegetarian and being a meat eater myself may I say that I did not miss my normal diet whatsoever! It was quite the opposite, I loved the fresh fruit for breakfast and delicious curries for lunch/dinner. The open buffet style allows you to keep on feeding yourself until near explosion, but since the food is so healthy and well balanced, I actually found myself losing weight. I wish the chef's would come and live and work in my house as this is definitely the future of nutrition.

All of the workers in the village, Rupesh especially, will bend over backwards to help you. The two admin ladies who were working there during my stay, Faye and Alex, were extremely helpful. Kranti is a real character and will certainly keep you entertained, even if only through his infectious laugh!

If you are reading this review considering an intense yoga holiday, I would highly recommend it and hope you have a fantastic time. For those considering the YTTC, I hope this review has given some insight to the nature of the village/accommodation.

The experience at Kranti's changed my outlook on life entirely and I intend to spend this Summer saving to come out and complete the YTTC 300hr next season. Hope to see you there!

Thank you everyone at Kranti for such a fantastic time.
Date of Posting: 02 July 2014
Posted By: Chris Crimp
I 'm Cool, UK
“Great place to advance your practice and relax”
Attended the 200 hr course. I learned heaps within the first couple weeks that advanced my practice significantly.
The huts, especially #11 in the front, are probably the nicest places on the beach. Western bathrooms, reading lamps, mosquito nets, glass windows and doors (not just screens), plenty of storage and shelving. AND HOT HOT water.
The Food is AMAZING. Seriously I had to go to the "one bowl" a meal otherwise I wouldn't stop eating. Probably the Best curries of anywhere on the beach.
For those concerned about security (although there are no safety issues in Patnem) there are security guards that watch both shalas at night.
The front Shala is probably the most beautiful place to practice yoga in Patnem. Under a giant sunshade with palm trees and the ocean view/breeze 24/7.
Loved my time here, will return for future training to spend time with some absolutely wonderful teachers. Julia/Magda/Kranti Thanks a bunch
Date of Posting: 16 April 2014
Posted By: Wyatt James O'Day
I completed the 200hr ttc here at Kranti yoga school on Patnem beach in March 2014. When deciding where to train in India, one of my main criteria was to be able to practice outdoors and feel connected to nature. At the beach front shala, which is so close to the sea you can enjoy the sounds of the ocean as you practice, all classes are outdoors and the shala itself is surrounded with coconut and mango trees and decorated very aptly with beautiful colourful drapes and finished with the amazing comfort of swinging beds! and hammocks! my idea of heaven!

There is a good balance of western and Indian teachers at the school which makes learning interesting, fun, dynamic and traditional. During the course we have looked into many topics theoretically and practically, such as: Asanas, pranayama, pratyahara,meditation,yamas and niyamas, kriyas, ayurveda, anatomy, alignment, adjustments, teaching methodology, sanskrit names...the list goes on! I can't believe how much I have learned in a month, I am so happy that I choose to study here at Kranti yoga school. Senior teachers Magda,Julia and Orsi are all very strong and very clear, consistent teachers who have helped me deepen my personal mysore practice and also made learning all the sanskrit names and asanas fun and managable, just about! Upendra teaches Philosophy, sutras, kriyas, meditation, pranayama etc...Nicknamed 'angel Upendra' he has an amazing ora and a wealth of knowledge and just to sit listen and discuss with him is truly a gift that I ma so grateful for. Kranti's workshops in hip opening, back bending and jump backs have helped me to improve in these areas and push myself beyond any fears or boundaries i may have had. His general approach and character around the shala is fun and friendly with a strong and serious, deep, technical focus in the workshops.I particularly enjoyed our introduction to Ayurveda and would like to learn more about the vast subject. It was also very interesting to have guest lectures from a Human anatomy Dr and The Hari krishna group who held a very intellectual discussion and also a beautiful energized sing n dancing session which left us all with big smiles and open hearts!

The vegetarian food served three times a day at the shala is AMAZING! healthy, fresh vegetables, rice, salads, dhals, mild curries and so much variety. The kitchen staff are so helpful and accommodating of personal dietary requirements. Rupesh and Nitesh are always happy to help with a friendly smile.

I have had such a memorable stay here at the shala, during my time here i have celebrated my birthday which was made so special by the Kranti yoga team, with a family made birthday cake, singing and dancing and chanting on the beach, a trip to a local temple which was such a beautiful colourful experience of the culture here. I was also lucky enough to celebrate Holi festival here which was another day filled with fun, laughter, colour and dancing.

Kranti yoga school is not an ashram. It is a fun and friendly, relaxed learning enviroment which is very connected to nature and full of love and openness. I have met the most amazing friends on this course and I am sure we will be connected for life through our spiritual yogic path. I have also been fortunate enough to stay on after the course and have the opportunity to assist in yoga classes which has been invaluable experience for me as a teacher. At Kranti yoga school, as in 'Yoga life' itself you can be as disciplined or relaxed in your lifestyle and approach as you want to be. 'self discipline' is exactly what it says. but it is not something that is strictly enforced here but it is encouraged.

Overall I have enjoyed my experience here more than I could have imagined. I came here with an open heart and an open mind and I am leaving here full of love and connection and my mind is overflowing with new information which i will take with me on the rest of my journey as a yoga teacher. For me this is the first step on an amazing path, one which I am excited to travel...Om shanti shanti shanti x x x

Stayed March 2014, travelled solo
Date of Posting: 16 April 2014
Posted By: Helen Rooney
Om shanti shanti shanti x x x, UK
I can't recommend Kranti Yoga teaching enough. I went to 1 class on the last day of a holiday in Goa in 2011 and learnt more in those 90 minutes than I'd learnt in 2 weeks in a different class, or with any teacher before. I knew then I'd go back for more intensive training with Kranti Yoga the following year.
I did the 200 hr YTT course in December 2012. Day to day the whole experience is amazing. Early mornings waking up on the beach, walking half asleep to the Shala, pranayama and philosophy in shala, waking into practice with the ashtanga opening prayer, adjustments pushing everyone further than they imagined they could go, laughing with the other students, back-bending, hip opening and jump through classes, it's all both physically and emotionally exhausting (in a great way) and energising - and in the end you can teach others!
The atmosphere in the Shala is welcoming from the day you arrive and continues throughout. I thought I'd need to be super advanced by the end, but that's not the case; everyone starts and finishes the course with different levels of practice and when you qualify you teach to the level you are, while deepening your own self practice. There was such a progression from the day I started to the day the course ended and it was fascinating to see that change in others too.
The learning feels really organic, clearly it's not and it's planned to be that way, but I started the course having no idea how to teach and 4 weeks later I couldn't wait to teach a class. Wether you go on to teach or not, for the experience and deepening your own practice, I'd recommend KrantiYoga xx
Date of Posting: 10 August 2013
Posted By: Tara
United Kingdom
After weeks of research I finally decided to do my 200 Hour TTC at Krantis Yoga.
I arrived into Krantis idyllic Yoga Village with a warm welcoming and a cup of chai. The course started the next morning at dawn, A day filled with intense yoga practice, insightful lectures and self discovery within your own practice and others.
The relaxed atmosphere at the Shala and vast knowledge and experience of the teachers was truly inspiring.
Date of Posting: 04 June 2013
Posted By: Jessica Todd
Freelance Dance Artist, London
What an amazing experience!! I completed the 200 hours YTTC in December and absolutely loved every minute of it. My practice has never been so good and I have left the course much stronger than before. The teachers had me working harder than ever and I achieved so much during the four weeks. I had practiced Ashtanga for 2 years prior to the course but the workshops have really helped me to focus on key areas such as ‘jumping back’ and ‘hip opening’ allowing my practice to develop in terms of my strength and flexibility. The highlight of my week was the back bending class on Saturday morning. I left the class elated and more energised than ever. I would return to Patnem solely for this class, I was addicted!!!
The teaching side of the course allowed us to build towards teaching an hour long class in the final week. We started teaching each other in the second week and so by the fourth week, we were a lot more confident in giving instructions and demonstrating the correct alignment of each of the postures. The course focused on Ashtanga Yoga but then we were encouraged deliver a Vinyasa Flow Class. It was inspiring to learn from the other students on the course since we all came from such different yogic backgrounds and we all devised different Vinyasa Flow Sequences.
I completed the course and stayed in Patnem to teach Drop In Classes at Kranti Yoga. This was a huge success for me and I am hoping to return to work there next season. The atmosphere at the shala is so warm and friendly that you cannot help but feel like part of the family. I can’t wait to return!!!!
Date of Posting: 28 May 2013
Posted By: Julia
I did the Teacher training in Feb 2012. I did some Yoga before not too much. My motivation was to get a good foundation for my own practice and to be able to use the knowlegde for the sportsclasse I give at home. I may not know a lot about Yoga, but I saw lots of different teachers in different Sports, and can tell that Kranti Yoga is a good teacher's with lots of experience.
I love to do my selfpractice at home know and successfully intergrated yogaknowledge into my classes and life. Thanx to Kranti Yoga for teaching and passing your patience, discipline and love. Thanx to Gaurav, meu irmao, for introducing me into pranayama

Love you guys,
Siawasch(Merlin),Vienna Austria
Date of Posting: 31 May 2012
Posted By: Siawasch
KrantiYoga YT, Austria
I came to Kranti Yoga teacher training for one month and underwent a life changing experience. I saw my physical practice improve greatly over the four week course as well as my attitude and understanding of yoga and the philosophy behind it. Kranti Yoga has a unique style of teaching which encourages you to push yourself to your personal maximum using his knowledge and support. I would highly recommend Kranti's yoga to any level, beginner or advanced- because as I learned there is always room for improvement. Tarun takes his students and yoga very serious but manages to bring light and fun to the practice with his charasmatic and fun vibe. Anyone looking to learn yoga or improve their practice in a beautiful, tropical outdoor space with a great atmosphere- Kranti Yoga shala is your place! :-
Date of Posting: 06 May 2012
Posted By: lauren pitts
KrantiYoga YT, USA
I did 3-week intensive course there, like a yoga holiday in India.
Having been practising yoga less than a year, my intention was to practise more intensively so that I become more flexible on my tight hamstrings and back.
What l have learned was much more profound than just loosening my tight hamstrings.
Starting with Pranayama with Gaurav every morning really helped slowing and deepening my breaths, which prepared me well for the day of hardcore practice with Kranti Yoga.
l was really looking forward to each morning practice with him. Somedays, my body was stiff, sore,and more lazy to move, but he always said, "The pain is not in your body, it's in your mind.
So, l tried and it worked! I had back-pain and it was gradually moving away as I paid less attention to it. I trusted Tarun,let him adjust my poses and l really felt the difference in my body and even surprised at myself to know that l am actually quite flexible.
His effort & passion towards his students' possibilities are something I really appreciate. His way of motivating people on the mat can be a bit surprising to some people when their expectation on the mat is a gentle touch on your back with a soft voice. He pushes you in such a motivating manner that you cannot stay on the mat thinking about something else. As much effort as he puts on you indivisually, you have to kepp your focus and push your limits!
At the end of 3rd week, I found myself stronger, lighter with peace of mind:))
The shala is as beautiful as the experience with Kranti Yoga team!
At last, l am grateful for all the knowledge beyond the practical portion of yoga, shared enthusiastically by Kranti Yoga .
Thank you very much and hope to see you again on the mat!
Date of Posting: 06 May 2012
Posted By: Kay
“Remove your shoes & your mind here”

At the steps to the yoga platform you are kindly reminded to ‘Remove your shoes & your mind here’ – so I did.

I had done a 200 hour teacher training 2 years previously, had good intentions to teach, but discovered that 200 hours felt like a drop in the ocean. I found the experience all very humbling & despite a very thorough training, I felt overwhelmed at the vastness of the subject of yoga - how could I call myself a teacher now? I needed this trip to feed my appetite for yoga, to quench my thirst for knowledge so I could gain the confidence I needed to make the leap from the career in advertising I had invested in for 10 years to Yoga Teacher and make a few life changing decisions. I was very conscious that I didn’t feel I could take myself seriously as a yoga practitioner. I was not a Sanskrit scholar, I’ve forgotten the names of certain postures, I can’t get my leg behind my head, I’m intimated by anyone that has been to The Ashtanga Research Institute and I don’t necessarily follow the Eight Limb philosophy – despite trying (sometimes). It’s very challenging in the modern world you know. I mean, how can you consistently practice Ahimsa when you’re in a packed tube carriage on a Monday morning and someone treads on your toe, spills their coffee on your freshly laundered white shirt and doesn’t apologise? You’re going to get mad and all sentiments of non-violence and compassion will escape you! And, I felt enormously inadequate because I have never been to Mysore despite it never really appealing– joining the throngs of Ashtangi’s practicing nose to tail alongside hundreds of others (all of whom would inevitability bebetter than me!) taking themselves so, very seriously. I needed hands on – I needed someone to push me further, deeper than I could push myself. “Be careful what you wish for”

Well they do say when the student is ready the teacher will appear and I found myself thinking that perhaps I should be more careful what I wish for because suddenly there was Kranti climbing on me to adjust my posture for the hundredth time that day and shouting ‘More, more – go more. You can go more.’ I could always go more. All of us could always give it more, even when we thought we couldn’t. Kranti Yoga had a unique way of unlocking our bodies, casting aside our minds and pushing us deeper, harder than we ever thought possible whilst injecting a tremendous sense of fun into it all. He teaches the traditional Ashtanga method, but in a more unorthodox way, which I’m sure is red-flagged as controversial in certain circles, with just as much discipline that is to be found in Mysore and ten times the attention. TTC & Intensive courses are structured in such a way that you will find yourself doing Mysore self practice & workshops, focused on progressing your practice, strengthening & opening the body and focusing your attention, on alternate days – such as back bending, hip opening, Jump backs / Jump throughs – all of which are structured around Primary Series postures to improve your practice at rocket speed faster than you can say Spirulina Smoothie.
Date of Posting: 06 May 2012
Posted By: Katherine Smith
London UK
In March 2012 I had the opportunity to practice with Tarun at Petnam Beach Goa, India. Kranti Yoga offers Teacher Training and Intensive Practice Programs, which are Ashtanga based, however he is not rigid or linear in his teaching method. He mixes specific exercises within his programs to help develop strength and flexibility in the back and hips and for jump throughs. This extra practice was great for my stiff body, which was developed through years of running and stress. Kranti works hard to develop his students in the asanas, philosophy, pranyama and meditation. It is not just Kranti that works hard as his students are expected to make an effort as well, in a fun atmosphere.
My time spent practicing intensive yoga with Kranti was very beneficial, as my practice moved forward and I had the opportunity to meet some great people. I would recommend this opportunity to any aspiring teachers, or those wishing to further develop their practice. My plan is to return in the future.
Date of Posting: 04 May 2012
Posted By: Yin
I love Yoga, Canada
It’s been taking me sometime, to put this review of my training with Kranti together. It’s been a journey!
I think I’ll start from the beginning – from my first impression of Kranti, and his training.
And my first thought, there came through my mind after the first day was; ‘Why again did you sign up for this bootcamp?’
After practicing yoga for many years – just not ashtanga, I thought I was able to do a TTC. (and of course I was) – but I must be honest, I doubt it a lot doing the 4 weeks of my 200 hours RYS.
His yoga, and his style of training was full on, powerful from the first day till the last. And it took me a while to get used to, but when I finally got used to it, I got addicted. Kranti’s strong adjustment made me go really far in self practice; his wise words made me understand the world in another perspective – and his understanding for Ayurveda made me understand myself and my body much more.
I got into yoga, after a bad accident with my back 7 years – and I’ve used yoga to heal myself, every time I needed it, so my journey with yoga has been long – but I’ll say, the real yoga-journey has just begun.
After doing my 200hours with Kranti I felt like I’ve been standing I front of a door, to a huge room, but never been able to unlock the door – and after the 200hours I was able to unlock it, but not able to open the door and enter the room yet.
I had 2½ more weeks in Patnem after the traning before I was supposed to fly out, and after 2 days of freedom, I came crawling back to Kranti, and asked if I could start my 300hours now, and come back and do the rest.. and he accepted my enquiry.
So here we are. After 3 month of training and learning from Kranti. I’m now able to open the door, and I see the room clearly, but there is still a long way to go, before I have fully understanding for what’s going on in that room, aka the yogi world. But Kranti has giving me, a huge understanding for the right alignment, the right adjusting, why the body is working as it does and my knowledge about ayurveda has become much bigger than I thought it would be.
I spend some time in an ayurvedic centre, before I took Krantis training. I was and still am very interested in this subject, but for me – the time was a waste of time. I got my body type to know there, and they told me what to eat, and what not to eat. I followed this – and became crazy. They forgot to tell me, what happens when you over do it, and get your body out of balance.
The effort and knowledge Kranti is putting into the subject doing the practice, made me understand how it is to have a balanced body – and how you everyday can help yourself in the right direction. The facts about ayurveda have also helped me to understand other people, their bodies, and how I can help them the best way, in my yoga classes.
I’ve seen Kranti making huge changes in people’s life doing my 3 month of training with him, and this includes me. But as an advice to people, who consider training with Kranti – think it through and scan yourself. I’ve seen the importance of being in a good mentally health. It’s a very intense training, and lots of emotions will come up in you. So before you sign up - consider if it's the right time in your life to do the training ..
I'll end this review, thankful to the universe for letting me meet Kranti, and letting him change my life.
It's definitely not the last time I'll practise with him. ( See you next season, my dear Kranti! ;)
Date of Posting: 29 April 2012
Posted By: Stine
Krantiyoga AYT 500hr, Denmark
Kranti's classes are life changing! My friends and I had been doing Ashtanga yoga before in Australia but nothing compares to Kranti's classes. He makes yoga fun and exciting, something you look forward to, and you will be back for more! His personality is one in a million and he will make you work hard and laugh too. I lost about 5 kilos while I was there and now I can do headstands! I wish I could bring him back to Sydney.
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Monica
Kranti Yoga
After practicing yoga for 8 years with many teachers, my experience of Kranti's classes have proven to be the most effective. Through Kranti's teachings my understanding of Ashtanga Vinyasa developed quickly over a short space of time. Physically I feel more powerful and have noticed a change in my body shape for the better. Mentally I have a much stronger centre. Kranti is an outstanding Yoga Master. His lessons are inspiring and uplifting as well as being very entertaining! I highly recommend his classes if you are wanting to learn, benefit and be challenged. The result is better health, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Rebecca Aston
London Englan
Palolem beach India
We went to palolem beach for fourteen days,to relax and yoga,we are yoga teachers.we found kranti,he was the teacher we was looking for,he learnd us a lot,gave us a challenge and experience we never forget.we developed more then we thought we could.kranti is the best teacher!i reallz recommended him!
Thank you for our experience!
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Ingela person Sweden
Yoga trip!
Yoga teacher Kristine lindgreenand ingela person from Sweden went to India for yoga,sun,resting,ocean and beach!
We found kranti,he is the best teacher.we will never forget him.he has teach us things,give us lots of moments to remember forever!
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Love Kristine!
Kranti shanty!
Yoga is the best.
The best yoga teacher I have ever had
I am looking forward to see u in next time!
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Tor
First about me??!!
My name is Birgitta, from Norrköping Sweden.
First time I tried yoga was january 1997, Hatha yoga, I did it for a year or two. Then I tried Kundalini yoga, but I didn´t fit me, it´s too slow. Then I have done sun salutation and some breathing asanas on and off. For many years I didn´t do any yoga. I have also done the 5 tibetan, a kind of yoga on and off, not much, but every morning for the last year. Finally since august 2009, I have done Ashtanga yoga and I felt like coming home.

I visited India in march 2010 and met Kranti and join his yoga class for 2 weeks and for the first minuite it felt so very good.
Kranti is a very hard teacher but hard in a very good way. He see exactly what you need and press you to the limit and just a little bit more. He give every singel person time and let us all try asanas we hardly cannot do, but manage. He encourage everybody so we all feel like we are good in each and everyones level. He has an easygoing and friedly personallity.
After the first yogaclass I hardly couldn´t walk I had so much pain in my stomach and my legs. Then after 5-6 days I felt a difference in condition and flexibility but still it was hard and I sweat a lot.
I can from doing different yoga and tried different teachers really recommend Kranti and his yogaclass.
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Birgitta Kjellin
Norrköping Sweden
My name is nina im from germany iam 37 years old!i met the kranti in palolem my body condition was verry bad!i start to make yoga every day and so i did close to 5 month with kranti!my body changed totally and my mind felt very claer!he showed me the yoga philossophie!i sill doing yoga for myself and i still hear krantis voice in my mind!he is i can say my guru and im happy to come back to india and make again yoga with kranti!thank u very much kranti!wish u all the best!
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Nina
My name is boris i am from germany!i never did yoga in my live i met the kranti and i went there for 3,5month!in this 3,5 month i lost 12kg!kranti is on of glad and funny yoga teacher he have his own style!usually i wanted to go for a tracking-trip to nepal but i cancelles becouse of the yoga and the good feeling i get!i feel very good than before!thank u very much kranti!i wish u all the best best
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: boris from germany!!
This is my last day of yoga here in Goa as Im leaving here. Honestly Im so sad to miss these amazing classes with Kranti, he pays such attention to your body and the correct posture you should have for each movement. Kranti makes you push yourself like Ive never done before, which is such a great feeling. I feel like Im now doing each sequence correctly.
I don’t think Ill honestly ever have as good a teacher again!!
Really enjoy his classes and learn.
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Racheal
I wish I could bring Kranti to Norway. I only had four classes with him before my plane went back home but my body feels different already.
He is an amazing teacher and very good in helping you reach the right positions.
If I had more days in Palolem I would definatley have taken classes every day. I strongly recommend Krantis yoga classes and I hope one day I will have the possibility to take more classes with him!!
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Line
Coming to Palolem I wanted to do one week of yoga, after going to Krantis classes, one week quickly became more than two weeks . Krantis classes are simply addictive! Even after moving to another beach I still had to come to his classes.

Yoga with Kranti is a super good experience. Kranti is very skilled and an extremely good teacher. He pushes you to the limit, but always with a big smile.

The balance between hard work and good humor made me progress day by day. Doing yoga with Kranti has truly enriched, not only my holiday, but also my body and soul.

Doing yoga with Kranti is shanti, shanti!

I wish him all the best and recommend anyone to take his classes.
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Anne Hope
I have been taking Krantis yoga classes for three months. When I arrived I had some experience of yoga for the last three years. I found Krantis classes very enjoyable and challenging. His style is lively and hands on.
Kranti is full of enthusiasm which encourages you to reach your full potential. I have increased both power and flexibility in my practice over the last three months.
Kranti has given me consistent instruction to improve my posture, alignment and focus. Over the last two years I had three operations on the bones and structure of my feet, which has left me with eight screws in my feet. I gained weight as a result and lost a lot of physical power. Three months with Kranti has been fantastic – I can now fully partake in a strong and powerful ashtanga practice and have lost weight and increased muscle power and definition in my body!!!!
I have improved my balance and strength with had diminished greatly due to the recovery from the operations.
What can I say? Thankyou Kranti for all your support, enthusiasm, positive energy and friendly character – Opps and the yoga!!!!!
Im sure I will get the chance to do more practice with Kranti sometime in the future.

Claire – London UK
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Claire
London UK
I arrived to Kranti's practice after being laid up for 3 months with a foot injury. I was very stiff and out of shape! Kranti is a very dynamic, meticulous teacher who pays close attention to his students and their individual capabilities and restrictions. He pushes his students hard where he knows they have the potential to improve and he pays close attention to any problems they have, helping them to work through and beyond any issues. I stayed 2 months in his class and my strength, flexibility and focus have improved dramatically beyond all my expectations. He's keen, energetic and strict (a good thing!) and also quite funny, making the practice a great experience! Thank-you Kranti Ji!

- Suzanne Gurphey, Canada
Date of Posting: 02 March 2012
Posted By: Suzanne Gurphey

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